You have found the right place for the natural soaps from this company! We use Melt and pour method with added ingredients such as essential oils (tea tree, mint, eucalyptus) (lemon oil and lemongrass oil is only in the green bars but has all of the other ingredients as well) almond oil, glycerin soap base along with goat's milk base and a double butter which contains mango, hemp seed oil. The coloration is different, but the ingredients are the same.


Please know before you buy if there is anything in the ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction.


No artificial fragerances are used in this product, all essential oils are naturally occuring and purchased from other businesses.  The labels have been photographed for your convenience.  You can find them in the files within this website. If you are unable to locate them, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Essential Soap infused with Luciousness